"Audition workout"

This program gives you the unique opportunity to train, improve and perfect the most common excerpts which are demanded at most of the conducting auditions worldwide.


Mozart: "Die Zauberflöte"  - Ouverture,
                                             - "Sprecherszene"1.act, Finale, no.8, bar 39-159

Beethoven: Symphony no.5, op.67 - 1.movement

Beethoven: Symphony no.9, op.125 - 3.movement bar 139-157
                                                             - 4.movement bar 1-91, 208-236, 763-832

Here in my lessons you have the chance to conduct a professional pianist live, playing the score following and reacting directly to your instructions and movements in real time as well as get advices in score study, rehearsal technique, musical analysis, historical performance practice and stile.

No matter if you are a beginner, student or professional, you can take advantage of this program to be ready for your upcoming opportunities, concerts, auditions or just train your conducting skills.

To connect you can use Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp.

1 hour / 100.- Euro

"Masterworks of your choice"

This program will help you deepening your insight and knowledge about a music piece of the main repertoire chosen by you.

I will support you in discussing musical analysis, rehearsal strategies, score study, secondary literature, orchestra balance, playing technique, string bowings, over all conception as well as historical performance practice.


A part of this program includes also reviewing and getting feed back on videos or audio recordings (your own or by someone else).


To connect you can use Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp.


1 hour / 70.- Euro